Our Mountain Bike Offerings:

Since ordering up our first Fat Chance bike in 1985, Wild Rose continues a tradition of selling high performance bikes that work supremely well. We have a long history of embracing new product categories years before they find their way to the general market. RS-1 Rock Shox forks and custom full suspension frames in the early ‘90s, Willits 29 bikes way back in 2001 when nobody made a 29" suspension fork and Jamis 650-B’s when the world was just starting to come around to the idea of 29’ers.

We insist on performance and durability first, but stay excited about new innovations in design. Our current offerings each have unique takes on the bicycle allowing us to accommodate a wide variety of cyclists and riding styles. Come in and take a few for a ride!

Ibis and Intense Custom Bikes:

We have specialized in custom mountain bikes for 30 years. Stock frames and complete bikes by Intense (Tracer Carbon, Spider Carbon and Spider alloy), our best selling Ibis Ripley 29 and the new Mojo-3 27.5

Kona bikes:

Kona is a rider owned company founded in the late 80's on a mission to build a better bike. Based in Vancouver BC, their early roots are in XC racing, but they are innovative and active, producing bikes that cross boundaries of traditional categories.

Utility and Transportation Bikes:

We are really inspired by this class of bikes. Touring bikes, Flat bar Townies, electric assists and single speeds, they all get us where we want to go without petrol. One bike for every condition when durability and reliability are what matters most.