Women's Specific Bikes

We stock Jamis women's specific road, mountain and commuter models. These bikes come out of the box equipped with women's fit geometry and women's specific parts like seat, bars and brake levers.

What exactly is a women's specific bike?

Generally the fundamental difference is that a Women's bike will have a shorter top tube length to match a woman's generally longer leg / shorter torso proportioning. Additionally, many women's models are available in very small frame sizes to fit shorter riders. Other common modifications are women's saddles, narrower handlebars, shorter reach brake levers and modified suspension for mountain bikes.

Does every woman need one?

Not necessarily. Frame fit is a primary issue, and people of both sexes come in all shapes and sizes. Our experience is that the frame dimensions of most smaller bicycles will fit many average height women very well. Men seldom purchase small sizes such as 49cm road or 15" mountain bikes, and as such, the geometry of many smaller sizes has evolved to a de facto women's fit. We encourage you to approach the fitting process with a mind open to all possibilities.