Machinery and Equipment

We utilize state of the art Wintersteiger ski service machinery. Wintersteiger is recognized as the global leader in ski service technology, and we own their best available equipment. Our combination of optimized tuning procedures and high end machinery consistently produces better performance on the snow.

Sigma RS ("Racing Service") Stone Grinder:

The heart of our tuning center, the same machine used in factory race rooms around the world is now available to you. All grinding and dressing parameters are computer controlled for precise, reproducible structures. An infinite variety of structure patterns and grinding variables are possible.

Sigma RS features not present in other machines:

Computer controlled pneumatic feed pressure provides the ability to exactly control and vary grinding pressure. Extremely low pressures are possible for delicate Nordic skis and overlay structures. The pneumatic feed also has a very soft "entry" at the tip of the ski, meaning that pressure and material removal build very smoothly as the ski enters the machine.

Race Mode software developed in conjunction with the Austrian Ski Federation suggests racing structures for various snow types, temperatures and humidity in Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard disciplines.

Centered Feed Forks permit the technician to feed the ski perfectly straight over the grinding stone, enabling complex centered structure patterns as well as producing completely straight linear structures.

Sigma B Belt Grinder:

Wintersteiger's newest version of old school belt sanding technology, and quite a wonderful machine in its own right. While stone grinding replaced belt sanding years ago for finish work, a belt is still the best way to prepare a ski or board for the stone and disc grinders. We use this workhorse for burr removal, to set rough edge bevels and plane the base before stone grinding. No fancy computer controls here, but it's the tool of choice for material removal and to ready the ski for stone grinding.

Trim Disc 71 Edge Grinder:

Ceramic Disc edge finishing is proven to provide a sharper, more durable edge. This process renders precise, consistent geometry along the entire length of the edge to deliver a ski or board with better grip, more predictable steering and easier turning in all snow conditions.

We constantly monitor and calibrate our edge equipment using a bevel meter accurate to .05 degrees. Besides checking finished product, we employ this tool to calibrate the pre grind stage as well, thus minimizing material removal from your expensive skis. (We can also measure and duplicate your existing bevels)
Second, we use a finer, less aggressive grinding disc that removes edge material more slowly and precisely. More work for us, but for you the result is an edge with the most consistent geometry possible and a higher polish finish that simply skis better. Additionally, the life of your skis is preserved by minimizing material removal.

Wax Hot Box:

This replaces hours of tedious hand waxing. Our box is custom built with perpetual air circulation and a 6 foot long enclosed heat exchanger. Programable temperature cycles are controlled by an aerospace grade digital process controller procured with the help of a ski fanatic engineer customer. (Thanks Jim!) In addition to simply hitting and holding a temperature, our box can be programed for sequential hot cold cycles that mimic hand waxing and improve wax absorption.