Nordic Ski Service

When we began Nordic Stone Grinding in 1993, we were one of the first shops in country to embrace this process. Modestly stated, we have extensive experience servicing Nordic Racing skis. In the decade or so since then, we have developed and tested hundreds of base structures and have composed a catalog of finishes for all snow conditions. We have expansive knowledge of waxing and hand base preparation techniques necessary to make your skis faster.

We use a Wintersteiger Sigma RS (Racing Service) stone grinder. Nordic skis benefit from computerized control of grinding parameters enabling complex structures. Pneumatic pressure controls allow extremely low grinding pressures for more gentile, precise material removal. Feed forks deliver perfectly straight ski feeds over the stone resulting in a perfectly straight structure imprint on the ski.

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When should you Stone Grind?

Our experience is that a large majority of skis benefit from this process, but a number of factors are relevant. A short list of considerations would include the following:

Grind when your skis . . .

Are consistently slow. Won't hold wax. Are damaged from hitting rocks or gravel. Are sealed from Fluoro wax application. Have worn out structure from extensive use. Need a structure pattern for a different snow condition.

Don't grind if your skis . . .

Are consistently fast and well maintained. Are needed within within a few days for a "big event". Have a bad flex or poor fit (save your money for new skis!) Have low quality bases.

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Nordic Stone Grind Full Refinish - $49.99

Bases better than new!
Complete restoration of your skis with Precision Custom Structure
  • Base Repair*
  • Precision base flattening on stone
  • Blank Finish applied to flat base
  • Precision custom structure applied to base
  • Base hair removal
  • Hand polish and brushing of base material
  • One coat soft penetrating wax

*All Nordic stone grind tunes include P-TEX base repair of small scratches and dings. Additional charge for extensive base damage to be quoted at ski check in. Edge damage repair minimum charge $5.00.

Premium Nordic Stone Grind Refinish - $64.99

Precision Custom Structure plus Hot Box Treatment
Let our Hot Box base saturation process replace hours of tedious hand waxing

Everything in our Standard Tune plus the following:
  • Extensive hand polishing and brushing of base
  • Hot Box base saturation with soft penetrating wax
  • One coat blue wax for base hardening
  • Hand hot wax with wax of the day

Nordic Ski A'la Carte Price List

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Hand Hot Wax-$11.00

  • Ironed in wax, scraped, brushed and polished
Save $12.00!! 5 Wax punch card only $43.00

Hot Box Basic-$16.00

  • Base saturation with soft penetrating wax , scraped and brushed

Hot Box Deluxe-$23.00

  • Base saturation with soft penetrating wax , scraped and brushed
  • One coat blue wax for base hardening

Hot Box Ultimate-$30.00

  • Base saturation with soft penetrating wax , scraped and brushed
  • One coat blue wax for base hardening
  • Hand hot wax with wax of the day

Classic Ski Flex Evaluation-$10.00*

  • Evaluate camber and stiffness of ski
  • Mark Hard Wax pocket
  • Mark Klister pocket
  • *Skis must be scraped and free of wax residue of any kind
    ($9.00 additional charge for wax removal)